Back into the swing of things

Sorry I have not been very good at keeping everyone up to speed on things lately. I have had a busy couple of weeks. Where to begin…….I flew back to Indy last week to see my new grandson, Declan Anthony Chernish. He was born on June 3rd, so by the time I got to see him and hold him, he was nearly a month old. He is quite a guy…..he is bulking up since he only weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz. when he was born. He is nearly 8 lbs now. He drinks his formula from the bottle warm or cold, he does not care. He can take it anyway he can get it. My daughter Nicki is doing better. She had some blood pressure issues before and after the birth, but the doctor’s seem to have things under control now.

My flight plan took me thru Manchester, UK from Dubai. Then from Manchester to Chicago. The plan was to meet my son, Charley and his family in Chicago and then drive down to Indy together……..had to resort to plan B when I found out that my flight from MAN was going to be 4 hours late to Chicago. I ended up having to rent a car in Chicago and drive to Indy by myself. It was a long day, actually nearly two days from the time I got up in Dubai and did all of the traveling……….the joys of travel.

Home for seven days seemed like seven minutes…….it went by way too quickly. Got to see lots of family while I was in town and it really makes it hard to go back to work in a far off place after having so much fun with family. Charley and Jenny and the three grandbabies from California provided the Elliott household with lots of energy. Can’t wait to figure out how to get the whole gang together again soon.

Carol had all of my favorite meals ready for me and was willing to go out to eat at some of my favorite spots too…….after all why should she be stuck in the kitchen just because I popped into town for a few days.

I am back in Dubai now and my project is still up and running……..the heat is intense…..with the humidity the heat index is reaching over 110 degrees everyday. We had a lot of wind lately and that just made it feel like opening the oven door. Maybe I can get some relaxing moments in the pool this weekend. Although the pool water is probably up around 90……not a good combination for relaxing.


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2 Responses to Back into the swing of things

  1. Glad to hear you had a fun and safe trip home.

  2. Sheila Walker says:

    He is precious! Glad Nikki and baby are doing well:)

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