Nearing the End

As you can see from the diagram above, the city of Dubai is getting dangerously close to the Sun. Everyday it feels that we are getting closer and closer. The AC at the villa is on constantly. My meeting in Abu Dhabi was at 8:30 a.m. and there was so much humidity inside the building and outside, that water was dripping off the sliding glass doors on to the lobby floor. You had to watch where you were walking or you might slip on the condensation.

To make things worse we are involved with the Ramadan fasting issues too. This means not eating or drinking from sun up to sun down. I keep a bottle of water in the car, but hot water does not taste as good as a MacAlister’s iced tea.

This weekend will be the end of Ramadan, so the fasting issue will not be a concern, but the HEAT is still going to be around for a month or more. The pool at the villa is not refreshing at this temperature level and I have not had a cool shower for a long time. The water tanks for the villa bathrooms are on the roof of the villa. I think the water coming out of the tanks is probably close to 100 degrees or more.

I just hope my sandals do not melt to the pavement………



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2 Responses to Nearing the End

  1. Mark Kramer says:

    Hello Tony,
    We have been talking to Whitney and Bryon and they tell us how hot it is. You may have to wear a jacket all of the time when you get back to the states.
    We are coming back to Dubai on Dec. 23rd for a week or so. Hopefully you will be in Indy at that time, but if not we will see you then. Mark Kramer

  2. John Crane says:

    Indy has been ,”hot” ,but not that hot. The grass is dead and so is the corn but at least the AC shuts off once or twice a day.


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