More paperwork

Got a chance to see the desert of Oman this week. My 30 day UAE visa was getting close to expiring, so I popped over to Oman to take care of the necessary paperwork. Well popped over is a relative term…..the drive can take somewhere between 1.5 hours and 2 hours each way. There are three checkpoints that you have to go thru and then once you are in Oman the process only takes about 10 minutes to get stamped in and stamped out to go back to Dubai. I was very lucky this trip and I was not asked to show my passport or even unlock my trunk to show the security patrol my empty water bottles.

I did have a chance to snap a few photos of camels and sand drifts on the road. Driving thru sand like this is like driving thru snow. Good thing my little car has front wheel drive. Some of the camels are bold enough to come right up to the side of the road and roam around freely. Maybe this was the road that Tom Cruise was driving on in MI: 5, when he almost hit the camels on the desert road.

Future trips to Oman might not be necessary in the very near future. My co-worker informed me that my UAE resident visa is very close to being ready. Once that issue is worked out then I will save 3 to 4 hours of driving in the desert and using up a bunch of gas. Maybe I will have to go to Oman once in awhile just to see other touristie stuff………


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