Method to their madness

I thought I would sit down while I am having this four day weekend and talk about some of the great little features that I have discovered in Dubai.

Many of the streets and alleyways are brick cobblestone streets. Yes cobblestone……some areas are a more realistic and very rough stone pavement area, but others are a very smooth brick like material. I always wondered why they would want to do that. Well, it turns out that a new fiber optic cable needed to be laid to the building where I hang out to use the internet. The workers took up the bricks and dug around and hooked up the cable and then put the bricks back down. The total time to dig up the street and put in the new line and then put everything back was about three days. The street looked exactly like it did before they started the project. No blacktop patching, to change in color….looks great.

Another feature that I think is cool around here (we know the temperature is not cool for another month or so), is the idea of having red and green lights above all of the parking spaces in the parking garage. As you are driving into the garage, they have digital signage to tell you which floors have open slots and then when you are looking around, you can quickly look for green LED lights at each parking stall. Saves a bunch of time in finding an opening.


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One Response to Method to their madness

  1. I agree with you Tony, there definitely is a method to their madness! and the cobblestones besides serving a dual purpose also gives a nice touch to the otherwise sandy landscape.

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