Extra points

Today is a red letter day……….besides it being a Friday and the first day of the weekend, I have also been named “The Mayor” of MAKE Business Hub. MAKE is the internet cafe that I hang out at when I am not in Abu Dhabi at the job site. To be the Mayor is a big deal. With this honor, I will receive my food and beverages at MAKE at HALF price.

The concept of Mayor is thru an app on my iPhone called FOURSQUARE. This software can tell what restaurants and businesses I am near in Dubai. The database is quite extensive. When I arrive at MAKE I use the app to register my location. The app keeps track of how many times have been in a certain location. If you are at the location a certain number of times in the past 60 days, then you become the Mayor.

I met the previous Mayor at MAKE and I intend to try and keep my new title as long as I can. Wish me luck……..


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Architect, artist, author, designer, lecturer and world traveller
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2 Responses to Extra points

  1. hey that’s good to know! I am installing the app immediately :p

  2. I don’t think I could be a “Mayor” of anywhere. Although we’ve been to Jamba Juice so much with happy hour and 50% summer prices recently, I’m probably some junior town council member by now 😉

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