Who would have thought………..??

On my way to dinner last night, I was trying to decide if I wanted to go for Mexican food or go to my favorite hamburger joint, Fuddruckers. So after a hard day’s work at the MAKE internet cafe, I stopped by Fuddrucker’s to get a burger. What?? The doors were locked and the lights were turned off. Even their signage on the side fo the building was taken down. Now I have to drive all the way to Abu Dhabi to enjoy my Fuddrucker burger……………so I went down the street to complete my mission and have a burrito at the local On The Border. I turned the corner and lo and behold, OTB was closed. The lights were off and the signage was taken off the building. I am starting to think that there is a conspiracy going on and someone has been following my every move and has decided to make my life in Dubai unbearable. What to do next…

Across the street from the OTB location is a restaurant called ScooZi. Sounds Italian, so I popped in there to get a pasta dish and a salad. I was a little shocked when the hostess asked me if I wanted to sit at the sushi bar. I said, “isn’t this an Italian restaurant??” She said “Yes and Sushi….”  Sure enough, ScooZi is both Italian and Japanese in one location………..”Dual Sensation” is their tag-line. The sushi portion of the restaurant has the sushi going around the bar area on a conveyor belt. Very clever.

I was not in the mood for Sushi, so I stuck with the original plan and had a pasta dish and a side salad. I was still upset about my two strike-outs. I guess I will have to do some cruising around the neighborhood and figure out how to replace my favorite food resources. Wish me luck……………



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One Response to Who would have thought………..??

  1. Haha. What a funny combination!

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