New surroundings

One of the guys that works at my construction site lives in Dubai and drives over to Abu Dhabi each day. He gave me a call and asked if he could hitch a ride with me since his car had to go to the repair shop. I picked him up at the nearby mall and we headed of to Abu Dhabi together. His name is Tarek and he was born in the UK but his family is Jordanian. He has lived in Dubai for about 15 years. Good guy….we had a good conversation on the 1.5 hour trip to the job site.

When I brought him back to Dubai, he wanted me to meet his wife and daughter and see his villa. Turns out he does not live very far from my villa. His daughter is studying to be a chemical engineer at the American University of Sharjah. His wife is an architect and is the QA/QC manager for her firm. She is also a very talented artist that works in watercolor and chalk.

On the way to his villa, I noticed a new shopping center on the way back to my villa. I stopped off there the other day to grab a quick bite to eat. There is a little cafe/coffee shop located in the shopping center called Tim Hortons (I think it is a Canadian company). Not only did they have good sandwiches and berry drink smoothies, they had this large section devoted to DONUTS. Since my Dunkin Donuts shop closed down after Christmas and my Fuddruckers hamburger joint folded up and my Mexican restaurant On The Border was no longer around, I was thrilled to find a new place to spend my hard earned dirhams.

Let me tell you, these Tim Horton donuts are great…..the cinnamon rolls were pretty good sized and very tasty. The chicken/lettuce wrap was good and the mixed berry smoothie gave me a freezie tumor. The trip back to Tarek’s shopping center was well worth it.


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