Possible to be more spoiled

Counting down the days to my next trip back home. Can’t wait to see everyone from Indiana to California. Lots of air miles in my future, but it will be worth it.

This week was a good week. Got pampered a bit more here and there. At the construction job site, I usually get to the job trailer about 20 to 30 minutes before the weekly meeting starts. This gives me some extra time just in case the traffic from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is backed up. Usually there is some sort of fender bender on the road to the jobsite every week. When I arrive at the trailer I go to the conference room and get settled in. The coffee boy brings me my coffee and a bottle of water before the meeting starts. He has my special request of just black coffee in a larger cup all worked out now. I was a little surprised that he took the time to put some water in the refrigerator before hand. My bottle was chilled, everyone else got a warm bottle. Do you suppose he knows that I work for the bank that is paying for the project……hmmmm….I thought it was out of the kindness of his heart. Maybe both……..

I stopped by the neighborhood mall to pickup a few things last week. The car wash guy came up to me and wanted to know if I needed a car wash. Mind you, the cost is 10 AED or $2.75 to get a full wash. I felt generous, so I said “Sure”. I told him I would be about an hour and he said, “No Problem”. When I got back it was spic-and-span. He was working on another car and gave me a look to see if I liked the job he did. I gave him a big thumbs up. Well we had a little sandstorm the other day and my car was a little dusty so I went to the nearby Starbucks at the neighborhood mall and my car wash buddy saw me drive in. He rushed over to see if I needed another car wash. “Sure, let’s go for it”, I said. He had it all buffed up nice and shiny when I got back after my afternoon iced tea. I gave him an extra 5 AED and he was tickled to death. Now I have my very own car wash guy. Do you think I should go thru lots of mud puddles to give him something to do….?? Wait a minute, what mud puddles, have not seen one of those in nearly a year.


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