What day is it…….

I have been in Dubai for one year now………the weekend in the UAE is Friday and Saturday. I do not know why, but my body clock is telling me that Sunday is really Monday.  It is nice to think that Hump day is a Tuesday and this week we get a three day weekend, so I will really be messed up on Sunday of next week.

The weather is getting very nice this time of year. The folks at the villa sit out by the pool each night and chat and sometimes we watch movies on the wall of the villa. The pool water is getting a little cool for some, but I think 80 degree water is pretty refreshing compared to what we dealt with in the middle of July and August. (90 degree temps)

There is a rumor going around that we might get some rain this week……..I will post pictures if that happens. My landlord said that he has not seen rain in two years.


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One Response to What day is it…….

  1. Mark Kramer says:

    Whitney and the kids were in Brownsburg for 2 weeks and we really enjoyed having them here. We are coming to Dubai for Christmas as you are coming home. Have a nice visit. Mark

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