Who Would Have Thought

Today was a new adventure for me. I took care of getting my UAE driver’s license without any help from any local residents. It did take a little longer to get the proper paperwork organized for this event, but once I got things sorted it was very quick.  When I drove up to the license branch I was a little worried that the process was going to take a long time, since I saw guys washing cars in the parking lot while people go in to get their license.

Since my company is registered in Abu Dhabi, all of my paperwork has to be verified and coordinated with the Abu Dhabi authorities. I keep thinking that the UAE is one big state, but the UAE is divided into seven emirates. Each one has their own way of doing things. Sort of like, living in Indiana, but working in Ohio. I needed to get an Abu Dhabi driver’s license even though I live in Dubai.

You need the following documents to get a driver’s license…….1. Eye test    2. Color-blind eye test    3. Copy of your passport    4. Copy of your UAE residency visa      5. A letter from your company sponsor that says it is OK to drive in the UAE    6. 25 AED for the eye test    7. 200 AED ($55) for the license     8. Color Passport photo  9. Arabic translation of your existing Indiana drivers license

Once you have all of this stuff ready to go, then the process takes about 15 minutes and that includes 5 minutes for them to create your card. The license is good for ten years. Pretty good if you ask me.


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