Highway design

Everyday the drive to and from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is an adventure. I noticed this week that the main street thru Dubai (called Sheikh Zayed Road) is about seven lanes wide. Lots of room to zip around town, but many a day it is still bumper to bumper.

On the way to Abu Dhabi this week, the seven lanes narrows down to four lanes each way. Well actually the way some of the folks drive around here, the four lanes turned into six lanes. Yes, some folks decided to make the outside shoulder and the inside shoulder into a passing lane. Usually the far right lane is the slow lane dedicated to trucks only. Then going from right to left you have the next faster lane, then a little faster then the fastest lane, but then when you really need to make it to your appointment that you are running late for, you pull off on to the far left shoulder and just floor it……be sure your headlights are working so that you can flash the slower speedsters and tell that you are coming up on their left side. If you need to speed up to the next exit ramp then you can just go extra fast on the far right shoulder and pass the slow trucks.

One thing you need to watch for, if you decide to speed on the far right shoulder is the fact that every so often the DOT has placed small speed bumps on the shoulder………..maybe if you hit a small speed bump at 90 miles an hour you might be airborne for a bit and the shock to your system will not be that noticeable. I think I will just plug along at 70 MPH in the second lane. I will just keep waving to the speedsters as they pass the rest of us and hopefully they will make it to their destination a whole five minutes before I get there.


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